Looking out from the Leopold Shack

Looking out from the Leopold Shack

       Of The Earth Institute was founded in 2000 by Barbara Wolf Terao, Ed.D. to serve as an integration point for environment and culture.  As the Lakota phrase, Mitakuye Oyasin, suggests, we are all related and connected.  We are all of the Earth.  In Buddhist tradition, emissaries of harmony, wisdom, and enlightenment are considered Bodhisattvas of the Earth. 

       In Of The Earth blog, I share observations about plants, animals, and life.  What happens when we unplug from technology for a while and breathe fresh air?  We know many of the negative effects of humans on the environment and must address them if we wish to survive as a species.  My focus here, however, is on the positive effects of nature on humans.  I explore ecotherapy and the benefits of simply going outside and paying attention.

       My husband and I live in Washington, near our grown children, learning the music and stories of the Pacific Northwest.  I am a writer, psychologist, and breast cancer survivor.  Find me on Facebook as Barbara Terao.

At John Muir Park 2009 001

7 thoughts on “About

  1. readjack

    Hi Barbara,

    I like your page here. I’ll try to check in on it every so often. That picture is so beautiful. Thanks. When will you make your nature meditations available?


  2. annielikestrees

    Hi Barbara! I just found your blog when looking for other Wisconsin bloggers and am so glad! Your posts are great and I look forward to reading more. I live a just couple hours southwest of you and keep a blog of my life happenings, nature, gardening, and other such things. Happy Snow days!

    1. bwterao Post author

      Thanks, Annie, good to hear from you! I will be reading your blog to learn more about your part of the state and what you are up to. Have you been to the Leopold Center in Baraboo yet? You might look into their Land Ethic Leadership program. I took it and liked it a lot!

  3. Pete Kerwien

    We live on Camano Island. My wife is from Japan and wishes to contact Kiyoko. Can you help her with that? Thank you.


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