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Rock art, Boynton Canyon, AZ

Rock art, Boynton Canyon, AZ

In this weblog, I am writing about the need for nature and the way we learn from plants, animals, and others.

Started out with 3 degrees in psych., trying to comprehend human behavior. Found the best alternatives to our collective neuroses by going outside my own WASP upbringing into other cultures, particularly by learning about Native American and Eastern philosophies.

Take all that intercultural learning, the subject of my dissertation, one step further and I find myself fascinated by inter-species learning. An elder asked me to try it and and I was amazed at what I “heard.”

Would be interested to know your experiences with nature.
So this is my first blog. We are, indeed, connected and of the Earth. Thich Nhat Hanh says “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” We are all related.  I just may benefit from getting outside and paying attention more often, and I’ll write about it here.

1 thought on “Earth Blog

  1. Susan @ 2KoP

    Hi, Barb. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    My stepdaughter is somewhat of a dog whisperer (or rather, animal whisperer). Her undergraduate degree is in marine biology and last year she got a masters in primate conservation from Oxford Brooks in England. Now she is working with birds of prey with a company that contracts the attraction at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando.

    Her dedication, understanding and constant quest for knowledge about the animal world amazes me. It has led her to a strong commitment to environmental causes, as well. And, of course, you know my husband owns The Animal Store.

    Still, I must confess (please don’t tell anyone), that my own connection to nature is tenuous at best. Perhaps it’s my acute allergic reactions to insect bites. I shall continue to read your blog for inspiration on ways I can change my relationship with our world.

    Best of luck.


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